Friday, 2 October 2009


After chatting to my Sister this morning for 2 hours she planted a seed in my head around starting my own blog. She, I have to say has a very sucessful blog herself. But what is a blog????? After very little research I have discovered that a blog is where you write entries into.....well that could be anything, a diary would be the obvious example but that is meant to be private, whereas a blog is something you want people to read. That raised another question....would people really want to read something I have written?? Well, why not, let's give it a go!

During my conversation with my sister we were putting the world to rights in a manner of speaking....we discussed porn (not that we are in anyway involved or enjoy), ex husbands (she dosen't have one but I do), children (she has 1 and I have 4), self respect, teenage pregnancies and Christmas! Yes I know, I can hear you saying "but it's only October!!!!". I agree and I have friends who have bought, wrapped and given out Christmas presents already. In a way I am envious of these people, I still have it all to come and am usually still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve into the wee small hours.......but I enjoy that, especially if I have a large glass of wine I can take glugs out of regularly. It's thirsty work!

It's when you go to bed, everything is done, presents under the tree and you are struggling to keep your eyes open as you trundle upstairs, you climb into your cosy bed (well that is my dream, have been promising to buy an electric blanket for years but still haven't got round to it), so, you are climbing into bed, you wrap the duvet round yourself, you drift off to sleep and 10 minutes later you are woken up again with a child sitting on your chest wondering if Santa Claus has been! How do you feel? Inside I am screaming "No he #"£$%&* hasn't!" but I say "Not yet darling, do you want to come in beside me" . As we all know you are not in bed for long as the next child will come through and the next and the next....the bed just ain't big enough for wearly get up, put on the coffee and already can't wait for bedtime!

I often wonder why people spend so much money at Christmas time. Don't get me wrong, I am probably just as bad as a majority of people, but why do we do it? Is it because we don't want the kids going back to school and when they are asked "What did you get for Christmas?" They say "Well I got a child to sponsor"....(This is a wee joke, as my ex thought that would be a good present for our children this Christmas). I believe that this would have be a choice for the kids to make, not landed on them as a gift....hehehe "The gift of a child" for a 10 and 12 year old....Ho Hum....

Well that's it for now.....speak soon

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  1. Keep the postings coming - I want to read more:-).

    Christmas is the best time of the year - from the food, to the parties, to the children's happy faces.

    I love the day, right from getting up at stupid o'clock to get intimate with the poultry - or at least stick a pound of sausagemeat, onions and mustard where the sun don't shine, listening to Christmas carols to that last glass of Baileys before dragging a usually very full body up to bed.

    Not once in 10 years has my daughter woken up before about 9am on Christmas Day:-)